Majority of Americans Afraid of Either Clinton, Trump White House

Donald Trump
Donald Trump / AP
• July 14, 2016 11:19 am


An overwhelming majority of Americans fear the election of at least one of the two main presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll released Thursday.

More than 80 percent of voters said they would be afraid if one of the two major candidates were elected in November, echoing a nationwide sentiment of discontent with the 2016 presidential choices. A quarter said they are afraid of both Clinton and Trump.

Three-quarters of Americans said they would cast their ballots against one of the candidates rather than for the politician who best aligns with their policy positions or may be the most qualified to hold office.

The findings come as the two presumptive presidential nominees gear up to cement their respective nominations during the summer’s political conventions, which will officially kick off the general election.

Trump is set to accept the GOP nomination in Cleveland next week amid ongoing party divisions. A surprisingly high number of Republican senators intend to skip their party’s convention, citing disagreements with the business mogul.

Clinton meanwhile will accept the Democratic nomination at the Philadelphia convention, beginning July 25.

Voters have strongly negative impressions of both candidates. More than half—57 percent—have an unfavorable opinion of Clinton versus 37 percent who have a favorable view of the former secretary of state, according to the poll.

Sixty-three percent have a negative opinion of Trump, compared to 31 percent who have positive opinions.

"I really don’t love either of the candidates," New Jersey voter Annette Scott, 70, told the Associated Press. "It’s a choice between hot and hell."