Looks Like Mika Spent All Day On Phone With Campaign After Criticizing Hillary on MSNBC

June 15, 2015

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski has not been afraid to criticize Hillary Clinton from the left, and her outspokenness may have drawn the wrath of Clinton World.

On Monday’s Morning Joe, Brzezinski said that she was "on the phone all day" after asking tough questions about the candidate.

Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough indicated that Brzezinski was getting pushback directly from the Clinton campaign.

"Quite frankly, on Friday you had tough things to say about Hillary," Scarborough said. "And it was DEFCON 5 from the campaign."

"I know," Brzezinski replied, adding in the crosstalk, "On the phone all day."

Scarborough may have been referring to a Friday segment where Brzezinski said that "questions scream out" at her about the Clintons’ "sneaky" behavior. Brzezinski said she was particularly unsettled by the family’s financial dealings with foreign governments through its political charity, the Clinton Foundation.

"What in the world happened with the foundation, and these ulterior motives, and this money, and the email server?" Brzezinski asked. "I’m sorry, those scream out at me."

If Clinton staffers gave Brzezinski a piece of their mind about her comments, it would be fitting for a team that has sought obsessive control over the tiniest details of campaigning.

In one memorable episode, New York Times reporter Amy Chozick wrote that she was followed into the bathroom by an overly-officious press aide at a Clinton Global Initiative event.

Morning Joe has questioned the obsessive character of the Clinton campaign.

Last month, Brzezinski asked the Morning Joe panel if they thought there was "a little control freakishness happening" when it was reported that the Clinton campaign was prescreening "everyday Americans" that Hillary met in battleground states to ensure friendly interactions.

Brzezinski and the Clinton campaign did not return requests for comment.