MSNBC, Halperin Cite Parody Twitter Account On Air

Fake tweet: 'U.S. media in total disarray'

News about real estate mogul Donald Trump seems to rise to the level of parody, and now MSNBC has made it official by citing a tweet about Trump from a parody Twitter account on air.

"There is someone coming to his [Trump’s] defense, though," political commenter Mark Halperin said. "The North Korean government."

"Here we go," MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said as the fake tweet appeared on the screen. "‘U.S. media in total disarray as venomous Fox News declares war on noted scholar Donald Trump.’"

"Got the North Koreans," Halperin said. "That's a strong coalition."

The fake tweet was posted on the account DPRK News Service (@dprk_news), which posts commentary that imitates the famously outlandish rhetoric of the communist government in North Korea.

A bit too outlandish, even for a regime whose Juche ideology teaches that North Korean revolutionary Kim Il-Sung came to earth from heaven. A recent tweet from the fake account reads "Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un gives field guidance to Pyongyang Italian Restaurant, regarding proper deployment of noodles and tomato sauce."

A cursory Google search reveals that the account is fake, judging from headlines like "That North Korean news Twitter account is fake."

Other tweets include: "Dung-eating jackals of U.S. Cable News Network, confronted by revolutionary truth of Juche idea, agree to retract vile smears against DPRK," "Kim Jong-Un gives field guidance, advises vegetable farmers to be extra vigilant against terrorist vegetable attacks," "Kim Jong-Un tours Pyongyang Catfish Farm. Deploys field guidance as to raising ideologically appropriate fish," "Kim Il-Sung University physicists perfect rigid computer memory disk, of 3.5 inches, outpacing U.S. 5.25 inch floppy disk technology," and "Invasion of Japanese military midgets thwarted by new Pyongyang time zone. Cowards blame synchronization for defeat in East Sea of Korea."

MSNBC’s cable rivals, CNN and Fox, have been duped by the account as well.