Ken Vogel: Clinton’s Inner Circle Wishes Bill Would End Cozy Relationships with Foreign Donors

• May 1, 2015 9:30 am


Politico reporter Ken Vogel said people in former President Bill Clinton’s inner circle wish he would end his cozy relationship with foreign donors.

The Clinton Foundation has been at the center of a controversy for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.  Numerous reports that the Clinton Foundation accepted donations from foreign governments during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state has raised the question of whether or not the foreign donors received special treatment.  The Clinton Foundation also failed to disclose many of these foreign governments to the State Department despite statements from Hillary Clinton that all foreign donations would be disclosed.

The appearance that individuals such as Ukrainian Oligarch Victor Pinchuck and Canadian mining mogul Frank Giustra can make large donations to the Clinton Foundation and receive special access to the Clintons is something many Democrats want the Clintons to distance themselves from.

"Bill Clinton is very close to them and some folks who I talked to in the Clintons' inner circle want him to step back from these relationships and step back from the foundation," Vogel said about Bill’s relationship with Pinchuck and Giustra. "They say if he doesn't it's an invitation for continued scrutiny during Hillary's presidential campaign.