Kaine Doesn’t Answer How Clinton Will Be Transparent if President

September 25, 2016

Sen. Tim Kaine (D., Va.) did not answer on Sunday how his running mate, Hillary Clinton, would be transparent if she is elected president in November.

CBS host John Dickerson asked Kaine on Face the Nation about the issue of transparency that has been dogging Clinton throughout the campaign, including questions surrounding the Clinton Foundation, her private email server and her health.

"In terms of the pitch you have to make to voters, I mean, I come up with it again and again, and talking to voters, they keep coming back to this trust issue," Dickerson said. "You mentioned it with respect to the debate, this is a key liability of Hillary Clinton’s. What can you tell, not about a choice, but in terms of somebody who wants to be president, what can you tell voters other than ‘trust us’ that Hillary Clinton’s going to do to increase transparency and openness were she to become president?"

"Well, here’s what I say: Hillary has a long track record of service in public life and you can look at that," Kaine said, avoiding a direct answer/

Kaine then went into a brief history of issues that Clinton has worked on in the past and said the measure of character for a public figure is how they focus on others.

He did not use the words "honesty" or "transparency" in his answer.