Joshua Green: Clintons Relying on 'Character Assassination' to Deflect Real Reporting

Bloomberg’s Joshua Green said Hillary Clinton’s campaign is relying on ‘character assassination’ to deflect news stories critical of her, he said on Morning Joe Thursday.

Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash highlights foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation and speaking fees President Bill Clinton raked in during Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state.

The Clinton campaign has dismissed the book and allegations that Clinton gave special treatment to foreign governments who donated to the Clinton Foundation.  Clinton allies have also targeted Schweizer as a partisan conservative to discredit the book.

Green defended Schweizer’s record of producing serious work in the past.

"I think the other thing to remember too we’ve been talking about this campaign to sort of character assassinate Peter Schweizer.

"I do think it is worth remembering the guy has written a very well regarded book about the Bushes. He wrote a book about insider trading in Congress that lead to the bipartisan Stock Act of 2012," Green said.  "He tends to kind of get smeared but I think it worth remembering this is a serious guy who has done serious work that has led to a serious article."

The article Green referred to was a New York Times piece about donations to the Clinton Foundation from Russia that violated an agreement that the Clinton Foundation and the White House agreed to where all donations by foreign governments would be disclosed.

Green said that Schweizer also plans to do an investigation into Jeb Bush’s finances.

"But I don't think it's quite accurate to portray Schweizer as simply a Republican with a grievance against democrats or he wouldn't be out doing this big investigation of Jeb Bush," Green said.