Jon Karl Questions President Obama’s Lack of Campaign Presence

During the White House Press briefing on Monday, Jon Karl of ABC news grilled Press Secretary Josh Earnest regarding President Obama’s noticeable absence on the campaign trail the week before midterm elections.

"You’re not going to stand up there and tell me that the president's been actively campaigning in these midterm elections, are you?" Karl asked.

In response, Earnest proceeded to run off a list of the President’s upcoming stops, none of which included hotly contested races.

"I think any examination of the president’s schedule over the course of the next eight days in advance of the midterm election indicate a serious commitment by this president to supporting Democratic candidates on the ballot," Earnest said.

Earnest mentioned President Obama’s upcoming stops in Michigan and Minnesota and said that he has spent precious time and energy raising money for fellow Democrats. It is worth noting neither of these states is viewed as an at-risk state for Democrats.

Unsatisfied with the response, Karl went on, "You don’t agree that the President has been considered politically toxic to many of those Democrats running?"

Earnest disagreed with this statement.