Inauguration Protester: 'We're Not in Favor of the Peaceful Transition of Power'

January 12, 2017

A group set to protest the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump is opposed to the peaceful transition of power, according to a video posted by the NTK Network on Thursday.

During what appeared to be a press conference with organizers of the protest, multiple panel members expressed their opposition to the peaceful transition of power.

One member of the audience began the discussion, asking, "How do you separate protesting the transfer of power versus protesting Donald Trump?"

One panel member confirmed the group was indeed protesting the peaceful transition of power.

"We do see ourselves as protesting the peaceful transition of power. We're not in favor of the peaceful transition of power," he said.

The protester quickly shifted his focus to attacking President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

"After the election, you saw this great upsurge in spontaneous anger in the streets and people protesting in cities all across the nation. You saw democratic luminaries from Obama to Hillary Clinton saying, 'Tamp this down, please stop this; the peaceful transition of power is of the utmost importance to the core element of democracy,'" he said. "To me that says they value the continuity of the government over who runs the government, be it a fascist or not."

A fellow panel member was quick to reiterate their opposition to a fundamental pillar of American democracy.

"We absolutely are opposed to the transition," she said.

The protesters appeared to be organizers of the "Festival of Resistance: March Against Trump," based on the fliers and signs behind them.