I Found the Ideal Third-Party Candidate

Feature: This time-traveling, Mars-visiting attorney knows he will be president

U.S. Chrononaut Andrew D. Basiago / Andy2016 web page
May 26, 2016

Andrew D. Basiago is a lawyer based in Vancouver, Washington, running as an independent candidate for president. Records of his legal career are difficult to locate, but one gets the sense that, whatever the specifics, such work is the least impressive thing on his résumé.

Basiago is not shy about his accomplishments. He holds five degrees and has been a member of Mensa International. He very nearly became editor of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. He is one of the pioneers of sustainability research and has investigated the Fátima apparitions of 1917. While camping in Lake Sacandaga in 1966, he "encountered an adult male Sasquatch and his young son." He has concluded that this rare primate is at least part human, and has called for the Sasquatch to be placed on the Endangered Species List. Since his childhood Basiago has been able "to use his mind to levitate small objects and to perform telepathy."

Basiago, who has an IQ of 168, says he worked for the Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency as a "chrononaut," a member of a top-secret time travel program. He made use of this technology to witness Lincoln’s delivery of the Gettysburg Address firsthand. On the same journey, standing in the cemetery in Pennsylvania, he saw his father dressed as a farmer. In 2012 he told a YouTube audience of a chrononaut exhibition to the year 2013, when the Supreme Court building would be beneath 100 feet of water. His grim report from the year 2054, he believes, speaks to his ability to lead.

Basiago’s voyages have taken him across space as well as time. He has made multiple trips to Mars using an advanced and top-secret teleportation technology developed by Nikola Tesla. On at least one of these excursions he was accompanied by a teenaged Barack Obama, whose reticence about their Martian experiences he has denounced as "calculating, shallow opportunism." While on Mars Basiago met with extraterrestrial life forms whose existence, along with that of numerous other alien species, has been kept hidden from the American public by the federal government since 1947, when increased atomic activity brought us to their attention. "When an atomic bomb is exploded, the physical substrates of the Cosmos are destroyed, creating a tear in the fabric of time-space," he explains on his website. "From the perspective of [alien] civilizations nothing could be worse for a planetary civilization to undertake."

It is difficult to learn much about Basiago’s background prior to his acceptance in the chrononaut program. He was born in California in 1961 but seems to have grown up in New Jersey. He has told interviewers that he was handpicked by the Defense Department to join Project Pegasus, an operation that brought him into contact with Donald Rumsfeld. It was here that he and a handful of other "Indigo children" were given intensive training to prepare them for the rigors of time travel. It is unclear how Basiago became involved with Tesla teleportation, but by the 1980s he was working for the CIA. According to numerous reports, he has long been at work on a memoir, tentatively entitled Once Upon a Time in the Time Stream: My Adventures in Project Pegasus at the Dawn of the Time-Space Age.

When Basiago announced his presidential candidacy in December 2015, he let something extraordinary slip to his YouTube audience: His election is a fait accompli. Like Ronald Reagan, both Bushes, Bill Clinton, and his former space travel partner Barack Obama, Basiago was informed in advance of his presidency by CIA operatives with knowledge of the chrononaut program. Since he does not know for sure whether he will win this cycle—victory could come as late as 2028—he has turned his attention to more practical matters. Even predestined candidates must deal with ballot access and fundraising. Basiago writes that the two-party system is unconstitutional, and has denounced the campaign expenditures of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as "a public disgrace to a country that in declaring its independence announced its national ethos to be ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’" He is optimistic about his potential as a write-in candidate in 47 states.

"In a world of falsehood," Basiago says in his campaign manifesto, "only the truth abides." His platform, outlined on his website in a series of 100 distinct proposals, calls to mind that of other outsider candidates, past and present. Like Bernie Sanders, Basiago is an advocate of single-payer health care. Like Ron Paul, he wants to abolish the Federal Reserve and return the United States to the gold standard. Basiago agrees with Lincoln Chafee that America must do more to help the Native American community, and has proposed a $100 billion reparations package. Like Jeb Bush, Basiago says that our intelligence services are a mess and need to be reformed. He is against "Too Big to Fail" and for a universal basic income. He opposes both chemtrails and the police state. He wants to end all U.S. foreign aid and ban "any technologies associated with the trans-humanist agenda." He would like to see Edward Snowden pardoned and awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He also wants Buzz Aldrin, Dick Cheney, and other "Mars insiders" to testify under oath about the existence of "the CIA’s Mars jump program, the Mars colony corporation, and related matters."(Despite his personal involvement in government-funded space travel, Basiago says it also should be made clear whether the Apollo lunar landings were hoaxes.), It is imperative, Basiago says, for the next president to sign a Martian peace treaty.

Information about Basiago, on his own websites and in venues such as NewsInsideOut and TruthDenied, is abundant. But he is a hard man to get in touch with. My attempts to reach him—make first contact, you might say—have not been fruitful. He did not respond to an email request for an interview. One phone number listed for him seems to have been disconnected. When I called his cellphone, I received a message from the phone company saying that the pre-paid number was out of service. Use of burner phones is commonplace among intelligence professionals. It is also possible that Basiago and his phone were out of the service area, traveling to the Pleistocene Era or the planet Mercury. The year 2028 cannot come soon enough.

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