Hunter Biden Seeks to Delay Paternity Deposition Until After Key Primary Votes

Hunter Biden
(Getty Images)
February 25, 2020

Hunter Biden is asking a judge to delay his child support deposition scheduled for next week in Arkansas until April 1—a date when the key early primaries for his father Joe Biden's presidential campaign will be finished—according to a court motion filed by his attorney on Tuesday.

Brent M. Langdon, Hunter Biden's attorney, argued in the court filing that his client was unable to appear in Little Rock, Arkansas for the looming deposition next week, calling it "unduly burdensome and oppressive."

Lawyers for Lunden Alexis Roberts, who is the mother of Biden's 18-month-old baby and who is fighting him for child support, had offered Biden the option of doing the court-ordered deposition on March 3—which is Super Tuesday—or on March 5.

"Let me know what day works best for your client. If your client hasn't picked a day by tomorrow at 5:00 p.m., I will pick the day," Roberts's lawyer Jennifer Lancaster wrote to Langdon in a Feb. 17 email filed in the court record on Tuesday.

Langdon replied that he was unavailable those days due to previously scheduled work commitments. "My client can be available April 1, 2020," Biden's lawyer wrote 12 minutes before the deadline on Feb. 18. "My client cannot be available prior to that date."

On Monday, Roberts's attorneys filed a court notice for Biden to appear at the Bushman Court Reporting office in Little Rock for the deposition at 9 a.m. on March 5.

Langdon slammed opposing counsel over the filing, claiming it "only ignites media attention and awareness of the deposition" and of Hunter Biden's in-person appearance.

The deposition falls right at a crucial period in the primary schedule for Joe Biden, whose campaign has been struggling in recent weeks to stay competitive. March 3, March 10, and March 17 are key voting dates for Democrats. The next consequential primary date after that is April 28.

Biden had been fighting the child-support suit for months but recently agreed to a settlement. He previously denied that Roberts's child was his, but a December court-ordered paternity test showed he was the father. Biden reportedly met Roberts, a college basketball player, while she was working at the Mpire strip club in Washington, D.C.

In a court filing last November, Biden said he has had "no monthly income" since last May and is also in significant debt. Since last summer, he has been renting a $12,000-per-month home in the Hollywood Hills with his wife Melissa Cohen. He was recently spotted by the New York Post driving around L.A. in a new Porsche Panamera.

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