House Will Pass Senate Border Bill After Pelosi Yields to Internal Pressure

Republican Senate stonewalled House's version of bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi / Getty Images
• June 27, 2019 3:55 pm


In a major cave to the Republican-held Senate, House Democrats agreed to take up a vote on the Senate-approved version of a bill to address the crisis at the border Thursday afternoon. The Hill reported that Democratic leaders are already whipping support for the bill, which allots $4.6 billion in border funding.

The newly approved bill passed the Senate by a margin of 84-8. Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) said earlier today that the Senate would not pass the House's initial version of the border bill. He described the Senate bill as the "only game in town," and stressed that it was "time to quit playing games."

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D., Ca.) faced a minor revolt from vulnerable Democrats pushing for an immediate vote to address the border crisis. CNN reported that moderate Democratic representatives were encouraging other representatives to vote against debating the Senate bill any further, and to instead bring it to a vote for passage.

Progressive Democrats had initially tried to attach an amendment to the Senate bill, but Pelosi yielded under pressure to bring it up for an immediate vote. She had initially said that the House would not take up a vote on the Senate bill.

On Pelosi's other flank were progressive Democrats pushing for further amendments to the bill that would have required higher standards of care. But moderate Democrats looking to avoid going home without any action on the crisis won out.

The exact timing of the vote is unclear. However, the vote will presumably take place soon, given the impending Fourth of July recess and the urgent nature of the crisis.

The House's initial version of the bill hit a wall in the Senate, failing by a vote of 55-37 against passage. The House's version would have allotted $4.5 billion, with less money devoted to law enforcement at the border.