HLN Censors Good Samaritan’s Pro-Trump Shirt in Rerun of Interview

Update: HLN spokeswoman says blurring was done 'in error'

September 1, 2016

A Donald Trump supporter who rescued a baby from a hot car had his pro-Trump shirt censored by Headline News during an interview recounting his heroics on Wednesday.

Sara Mazzone, 30, spotted a four-month-old girl in the car of a Kohl’s parking lot in New Jersey on Monday and screamed, alarming Steve Eckel as he was walking in the other direction, according to the New York Daily NewsAfter calling 911, Eckel used a sledgehammer to bust open a window and rescue the baby.

During an initial HLN interview about his deed, Eckel, a retired New Jersey police officer, donned a blue T-shirt saying, "2016 Trump for President." However, in a rerun of the interview an hour later, according to the Daily Caller, his shirt was blurred out.

As the Daily Caller noted, HLN recently canceled the show Dr. Drew after its titular host had publicly questioned Hillary Clinton’s well-being and the quality of her health care. However, a spokeswoman said the decision to cancel the show was made weeks before he made his comments.

Update: An HLN spokeswoman told the Washington Free Beacon that the censoring was a mistake.

"We blurred the logo and shouldn’t have; it was done in error," spokeswoman Alison Rudnick said.

She added in an email that the blurring was not common practice for non-political interviews.

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