Himes Dodges on Who He'll Support for House Democratic Leadership, Praises Pelosi

The Dem Rep says Pelosi's 'historical accomplishments in terms of her ability to get stuff done is without parallel'

August 17, 2018

Rep. Jim Himes (D., Conn.) refused to answer Friday whether he will support Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) for House Democratic leader in the fall, before moving on to praise the current minority leader.

CNN host Poppy Harlow asked Himes about the future of the House Democratic Caucus' leadership and if he would support Pelosi for House speaker should the Democrats gain control of the House after the upcoming elections.

Himes first attempted to dodge the issue by saying it wasn't his decision alone to make.

"I have not made up a decision, because I don't know who's running, so you're not getting a yes or no out of me today," Himes said.

After Harlow mentioned Pelosi's ability to effectively fundraise for Democrats, Himes did go on to strongly praise the minority leader.

"Maybe she's worth more to the party, do you think, then [Pelosi's detractors] might see?" Harlow asked.

"Poppy, far more than her ability to raise money is her operational capability, especially now," Himes said. "I've watched a bunch of speakers in the House in my relatively short congressional career. I have seen three of them. John Boehner was incapable of controlling his party; he got tossed out. Paul Ryan, incapable of controlling his party."

"Nancy Pelosi in the years '09, 2010 and 2011, did the impossible. She took a rollicking caucus that included all sorts of people from all over the country–south, north, white, black, poor, rich–and got the Affordable Care Act passed, got Dodd-Frank passed, got the Lilly Ledbetter bill passed," Himes said. "I'll tell you what, forget about the fundraising, her historical accomplishments in terms of her ability to get stuff done is without parallel."

Harlow said Himes' answer sounded like Pelosi had his support, something that has become increasingly tenuous among Democrats.

"That sounds like a yes to me," Harlow said.