Hillary Spokesman Says There’s ‘Absolutely Nothing Controversial’ About Her Emails

• August 19, 2015 8:25 pm


Hillary Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon continued on Wednesday the lighthearted approach the campaign has taken to address the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s private server at the State Department.

Appearing on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, Fallon defended his boss’ testy exchange Tuesday with Fox News reporter Ed Henry.

Fallon asserted that Republican partisans and an over-eager media exaggerated the email scandal and that nothing controversial has come of the saga.

"Of the emails that have come out, we’re now in the third round of productions, and there’s been absolutely nothing controversial about any of the underlying emails that have come out," Fallon said.

Fallon’s statement is curiously timed, as the campaign is fighting back against reports that "Top Secret" documents were found on Clinton’s server. The spokesman did not acknowledge the Sidney Blumenthal emails that were revealed, which confirmed Clinton was receiving and forwarding memos from the longtime ally who was banned to work for Clinton by President Obama.

He also did not mention that at least 15 emails from Blumenthal were not included in the emails Clinton turned over to the State Department.

Fallon did, however, take the time to joke about Clinton’s email controversy. Similar to Clinton’s Snapchat and cloth jokes, the aide said investigators would only find mundane emails if her private correspondence were recovered.

"The [emails] that were personal in nature, if they were able to retrieve them, I think that they will just find more emails expressing her preference for iced tea and maybe her inability to operate the fax machine," Fallon quipped with a smile.

Clinton’s lawyer David Kendall said all the data on her server was wiped clean before it was turned over to federal officials.