Hillary Clinton’s $600 Haircut Snarls Traffic

March 31, 2016

,Clinton’s four black cars and her presidential campaign vice chair Huma Abedin were seen jamming the road that morning before Clinton was scheduled to appear at an event at the Apollo theater in Harlem, the Page Six reported Thursday.

The salon charges $600 for a haircut and an additional $600 for color, meaning that patrons could pay as much as $1,200 for one appointment. It is unclear what the average customer pays in tip.

Page Six reported that Clinton pays an additional fee for a private appointment on the upscale salon’s ninth floor, though that cost is unknown.

In July, Clinton took a trip to see salon owner John Barrett for a cut, shutting down a section of Bergdorf Goodman where staff closed off an elevator bank so the former secretary of state could ride alone.

The Free Beacon previously reported that Clinton’s $600 haircuts cost more money than the average American makes in one week.

According to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the average yearly income of a person in the U.S. was $28,555 in 2014. Broken down, each American earns an average of $2,379.58 per month, or $594.90 weekly.

If Clinton selects the full $1,200 treatment--including haircut, color, and blow dry--her salon appointment would cost more than double what the average American makes in a week.

Her husband, former president Bill Clinton, infamously spurred the 1993 "Hairgate" controversy after shutting down two runways at Los Angeles Airport while he received a $200 haircut on his idling Air Force One.