Halper on Clinton's New Organization: 'It's Hard to See How This Will Be Successful'

Washington Free Beacon contributing editor Daniel Halper joined "Fox & Friends" Wednesday to discuss Hillary Clinton's reasons for reemerging on the political scene with her new group, Onward Together.

"If Hillary Clinton went away today, if Hillary Clinton lost the election last November and went away she would forever be known as a loser," Halper said. "So Hillary Clinton has to refurbish her image. And she has to come back and she has to fight back to try to gain some respect at least among Democrats, at least among her friends, for losing an election she believes she should have won."

Steve Doocy then asked Halper to explain the difference between the Clinton Foundation and the newly launched group.

"In theory, the Clinton Foundation is a charity and this is a political enterprise. I'm sure once this gets some donations we'll see a lot of the donors are the same, a lot of people are the same, a lot of the interests are the same," Halper said.

After continuing to detail the Democratic party's issues with Clinton following her loss, Halper said, "it's hard to see how this will be successful given the disdain among them, among Democrats, for the Clintons."