Grayson Threatens Reporter Over Domestic Abuse Report

Alan Grayson / AP
July 26, 2016

Rep. Alan Grayson (D., Fla.) threatened to have a Politico reporter arrested at an event hosted by the publication in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

The reporter, Edward-Isaac Dovere, approached the Florida congressman, who is currently running in the Democratic primary for Senate, and asked about accusations of abuse that his ex-wife levied against him. Politico had reported earlier on Tuesday that Lolita Grayson alleged her former husband had abused her over the course of two decades, providing medical documents and police reports to Politico.

Grayson refused to answer any of Dovere’s questions, and called the reporter "a fool." He accused Dovere of "assaulting a member of Congress," "hassling" him, and "getting in [his] face."

Grayson then accused Dovere of pushing him, which Dovere denied, responding that Grayson was the one who pushed him and that the entire exchange had been recorded. Grayson informed Dovere that he would be "handing [the video] over to the Capitol police." The congressman ended the conversation by saying, "You know I hope somebody comes here and arrests you."

Politico captured the exchange on video.

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