Granholm Refuses to Admit That Clinton has a Press Problem

• August 27, 2016 8:33 am


Hillary Clinton surrogate Jennifer Granholm debated back and forth on Friday with CNN anchor Brianna Keilar regarding Clinton and her guarded relationship with the press.

Keilar asked Granholm, the former Democratic governor of Michigan, if she thought Clinton should hold a press conference soon, considering it's been over 260 days.

"She's been on all of y'all all this time. She's going to decide whether to do that. They're evaluating it all the time. I'm sure some time soon a press conference will happen," Granholm said. "But it's not like she is unreachable. It's not like she's not been available. I do think that this is more of a press issue rather than the public.  I mean the public hears her and sees her all the time."

Keilar said that she believed that this was more of an accountability issue.

"She called into Morning Joe this morning. She was on Anderson [Cooper] the other night. She's on on your network a lot. She's on TV a lot," Granholm said.

In response, Keilar suggested that the American people would benefit from political reporters asking her questions because it would give them a chance to hear more details and know where she is on policies. Granholm attempted to deflect this point by saying that Cooper knew what to ask her and that he knew her policies.

Keilar conceded that Cooper knew what he was doing, but she insisted that a press conference would provide the press more opportunities to ask questions and that there would be more subjects to cover.

"I get it. I get it," Granholm replied.

Keilar then cited a NPR article from Friday which highlighted that nearly a fifth of over 300 interviews Clinton participated in weren't even with what they classified as "journalists."

Granholm shifted the conversation to the public and said that the public sees her a lot and will continue to see her. She then told Keilar that it was up to the Clinton campaign regarding future press conferences

"It's not like you know she's in a bubble. She's exposed. You guys will continue to have access to her and the question is do you do it as a group or individually, that is gonna be the campaign's call," Granholm said.

"I will say it feels a little bubbly to me as a reporter who covers Hillary Clinton," Keilar responded.