Free Beacon’s Continetti Discusses Public’s Declining Trust in Clinton

• August 5, 2015 3:48 pm


Free Beacon Editor-in-Chief Matthew Continetti said Wednesday it is time for Democratic operatives to "start worrying" about their presumed candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Continetti appeared on Fox News’ Happening Now to discuss Clinton’s private email scandal.

Clinton sent classified information over her unsecured private server during her tenure as secretary of state, an action Continetti said could have legal consequences. On Tuesday, the Washington Post reported that the FBI was investigating the security of emails from Clinton’s private account.

"This is a big issue—not only a political one in terms of furthering the narrative that Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy, which is really gaining traction in the polls—it’s also a legal one," Continetti said. "These laws against having classified information that is accessible to others have been enforced rigorously by the Obama administration. This is a problem for her politically and legally."

On the Republican side, Continetti said that candidates should focus on their messages to the American people, not on attacking one another, during Thursday’s debate.

"If I were advising the other candidates, I would say to make your case like in the forum in New Hampshire and don't try to engage the Donald, because chances are you will lose," Continetti said.

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