Florida's Patrick Murphy Spent the Weekend in Nantucket With Family Yacht

Spent weekend away from Florida, which is in a state of emergency due to toxic algae

July 6, 2016

Florida Senate hopeful Patrick Murphy spent his July Fourth weekend more than 1,000 miles away from the state in Nantucket, Massachusetts, along with his father's luxurious 97-foot yacht "Cocktails."

Murphy was spotted by a group of former congressional staffers who are familiar with Murphy and were also spending the weekend in Nantucket. One of them, James Young, told the Washington Free Beacon he was "100 percent" sure it was Murphy and that he was "within a foot of him on the dock."

"I am 100 percent sure it was Murphy," said Young, who added that Murphy was joined by his father Tom Murphy. Young first noted his Nantucket Murphy sighting on Twitter and it was flagged by the conservative Senate Leadership Fund.

Vessel tracking services confirm that Tom Murphy's yacht, which is named Cocktails and was purchased and customized in 2012, is currently docked in Nantucket.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.29.24 PM
Screenshot of, taken at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 6

Cocktails traveled to Nantucket from nearby Martha's Vineyard on June 26 and has been docked there ever since, according to the vessel tracker, which updates by the minute.

The Vineyard Haven Marina in Martha's Vineyard, which told the Washington Free Beacon that Cocktails regularly docks there when it is in town, confirmed that Cocktails is currently in Nantucket.

Young said he took pictures of Cocktails on Sunday while both Patrick Murphy and his father were on board.

Cocktails in Nantucket / James Young
Cocktails in Nantucket / James Young

A picture that Young took from a distance that was enhanced by Senate Leadership Fund appears to show Murphy walking on the dock towards his boat.

Patrick Murphy in Nantucket / James Young
Patrick Murphy in Nantucket / James Young

The Murphy campaign has not responded to multiple requests for comment into the congressman's whereabouts over the weekend. It is unclear when Murphy arrived in Nantucket and whether he is still there.

It is also unclear whether Murphy's trip to Nantucket was involved with his Senate campaign or strictly for vacation purposes.

Murphy has received more than $11,000 in political contributions from residents of the small Massachusetts island in his young political career.

The Senate Leadership Fund criticized Murphy for taking the trip to Nantucket as his home district in Florida was dealing with a toxic algae outbreak that was bad enough for a state of emergency to be declared.

"It is just so 'Patrick Murphy' to be partying on daddy's yacht in Nantucket when his congressional district is under a state of emergency," said Ian Prior, the group's communications director. "The bottom line is that Patrick Murphy isn't qualified to be driving an ice cream truck, never mind serving in the United States Senate."

Murphy criticized his Republican opponent Sen. Marco Rubio for being "absent" for the environmental crisis.

"Floridians want a Senator who shows up and fights when it matters, not just when there’s a camera," Murphy said in reference to Rubio.

Also on Nantucket for the holiday weekend were celebrities such as Clinton Foundation donor George Stephanopolous, Woody Allen, and James Franco, according to the Boston Globe.

Cocktails can accommodate 11 guests in its cabins and sails with a nine-person crew, according to a yacht rental website. It features a deck jacuzzi, two 61 inch televisions, and an exercise gym.

It can be chartered during the summer in New England for $150,000 a week, plus operating expenses.