Five Things You Need to Know About Chelsea Clinton

Daniel Halper’s Clinton, Inc. offers glimpse into rise of Chelsea

Chelsea Clinton is the best known public figure that everybody seems to know nothing about.

This is set to change as Chelsea emerges into a much larger role at the helm of the Clinton political machine, according to Daniel Halper’s newly released book Clinton, Inc.

Halper writes that Chelsea’s determination to fully join the Clinton family business has wildly changed the dynamic of ClintonWorld, and that this change may become an "Achilles’ heel" for Hillary in 2016.

Here are five things you need to know about Chelsea from Halper’s new book:

1. Chelsea has been a wedge in ClintonWorld, breaking up long-lasting relationships


When Chelsea and her husband Marc Mezvinsky learned about the newly formed consulting firm Teneo, which gave Fortune 400 companies access to the massive international Clinton network, they wanted to be a part of it.

Teneo was bringing in a fortune from companies such as Coca-Cola and Bank of America, and all founder Doug Band was selling was his proximity to Clinton power and the Clinton’s rolodex.

The only problem the company faced? Chelsea Clinton:

There was only one problem that might stop the money from rolling in. At their preliminary meeting with Clinton to get his go-ahead on Teneo, the group was joined by two other guests who had until then stayed largely out of the family business: Chelsea Clinton and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky. They saw the promise of Teneo. They wanted in.

Chelsea, with Marc and her dad by her side, asked Band and Kelly for an equity stake in the company. She also sought compensation.

This idea was rejected, and Chelsea began to destroy her father’s relationship with Band, who Halper describes as "the son Bill always wanted."

There wasn’t room for both Band and Chelsea to take advantage of the Clinton network, and ultimately, the Clintons are loyal to their daughter above any body else.

‘Basically Chelsea came in and took over. And Marc wants to start his own hedge fund and he wants to use the president’s contacts to build that up,’ says an associate of Band and the Clintons. There wasn’t room for both Band and a son-in-law. ‘Doug was using them to build up his business. And there’s only room for one person to do that. And Marc’s family, and Doug’s not.’

After twenty years of service to Clinton, Doug Band was unceremoniously dumped from the payroll of the William J. Clinton Foundation, his reputation taking one hit after another. In the spring of 2013, the organization was renamed the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. And it was clear to all who was now firmly in charge.

Chelsea’s handlers now scold journalists for "even mentioning Doug Band’s name in Chelsea’s presence," according to Halper.

2. Chelsea was trained at age 6 to be numb to "lies" about her parents

Chelsea, age 6, with then Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton / AP
Chelsea, age 6, with then Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton / AP

When Chelsea was just six years old, Hillary and Bill forced her to listen to them act out mock attacks on Bill over and over as she sobbed. This drill did not end until she learned to listen to them without sobbing.

The exercise was in preparation for people that "might even tell lies about her father in order to win" during his 1986 campaign to be governor of Arkansas.

It is unclear whether these training sessions properly prepared Chelsea for the accusations of philandering and sexual assault that would be hurled at Bill during his presidency, especially when she was forced by Hillary to listen to Bill admit to her that many of the attacks were not lies.

"One of Hillary’s punishments for Bill after he confessed his role in the Monica Lewinsky scandal was to have him confess his sins directly to the daughter who idolized him and had defended him," writes Halper.

3. Chelsea began her business career making MBA degree salary, despite having no experience

Chelsea Clinton appears onstage at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in 2012 / AP
Chelsea Clinton appears onstage at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in 2012 / AP

NBC was criticized for Chelsea’s $600,000 "special correspondent" salary, but that is not the most absurd offer sheet that Chelsea has agreed to.

After deciding that various career paths weren’t right for her, Chelsea settled at the age of 23 for a $120,000 a year salary at premier consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

She was their youngest hire that year and made as much as consultants with MBA degrees, even though her Stanford degree was in history.

In 2006 she moved on to the hedge fund of billionaire Clinton confidante Marc Lasry. Lasry bundled nearly a million for Obama and was nominated to be the ambassador to France, but withdrew his name from consideration after his ties to an alleged Russian mobster emerged. He has contributed more than $460,000 to Democratic candidates and party organs since the 1990s.

Former associates of the Clintons did not have good things to say about Chelsea. "It bothers the shit out of me that everyone thinks she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. She’s never had a job. She’s been in college for twelve years," one told Halper.

4. Not even Chelsea’s husband is allowed in the Clinton loop

Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton in Little Rock, Arkansas on Nov. 3, 1991/ AP
Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton in Little Rock, Arkansas on Nov. 3, 1991/ AP

In the fall of 2011, Bill, Hillary, Chelsea, and Marc were in Little Rock for the dedication of the Bill Clinton Presidential Park Bridge.

As all four were about to step before the cameras, Chelsea told her husband that he had to wait behind, telling him "you’re not a Clinton."

Former associates of Chelsea say she carries herself "with the sort of entitlement only a former first child could" and is referred to behind her back as "the royal child."

5. The only adult outside of Chelsea’s family with her cell phone number was also an adulterer

Rev. Jesse Jackson greets Chelsea Clinton before a Democratic presidential debate in 2008 / AP
Rev. Jesse Jackson greets Chelsea Clinton before a Democratic presidential debate in 2008 / AP

The only adult outside Chelsea’s family that had her phone number was Reverend Jesse Jackson, who had his own extra-marital affair as he offered counseling to the family during the Lewinsky scandal.

Days after Chelsea was told the truth by Bill, Jackson called Chelsea to tell her that "he knew she was going through a terrible time" but "that it was important to stay loyal to your family," according to Halper.

Jackson’s affair resulted in an illegitimate child.