Feds Raid Home and Office of Major DC Dem Contributor

Major Democratic campaign contributor Jeffrey Thompson was the subject of a federal raid last Friday, according to the Washington City Paper. Thompson’s home and Wilson Building offices were raided by federal agents. Thompson’s companies and employees have reportedly contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to D.C. Democratic political campaigns. According to City Paper:

Thompson's accounting firm, Thompson, Cobb, Bazilio and Associates, is one of the largest minority-owned firms in the country. According to Uncle Sam's count, the firm has won 136 federal contracts worth more than $16 million since 2001. TCBA also regularly does business with the District as well.

But the real money maker for Thompson is his healthcare companies. His Medicaid managed care organization, D.C. Chartered Health Plan Inc., has one of the District's biggest single contracts, worth more than $300 million a year.

Thompson has gotten himself into trouble in the past:

Last summer, [City Paper’s Loose Lips column] unearthed a 2005 audit showing that Thompson-owned health care companies were overcharging other Thompson-owned health care companies, with the District picking up the extra costs. The audit led to a lawsuit, which Thompson paid $12 million to settle (like most settlements, there was no admission of guilt). The little-noted brouhaha did little to crimp Thompson's earning potential, as his companies have continued to win lucrative city contracts.

According to City Paper, at least $730,000 in local campaign contributions over the last decade can be linked to Thompson.