Evan Bayh Falls Short in Attempt to Return to the Senate

Republican Todd Young prevails in Indiana Senate race

Evan Bayh
Evan Bayh / AP
November 8, 2016

Democrat Evan Bayh failed in his bid return to the Senate after six years of retirement that was spent racking up millions through positions at lobbying firms and in private equity.

Republican Rep. Todd Young, a former U.S. Marine who has represented Indiana in the House of Representatives, was declared the winner by the Associated Press.

Bayh opened up a big lead in the polls after he surprised the political world by announcing that he would run for Senate in July. Bayh maintained a lead over Young throughout most of the campaign, but the lead slowly eroded due to a successful effort by opponents that labeled him as a Washington, D.C., insider.

Young had to overcome Bayh's name recognition in the state—he formerly served as the state's secretary of state, governor, and senator.

Bayh, however, was hammered for abandoning the state and remaining in D.C. after retiring from the Senate. Reports indicated that he failed to maintain a residence in Indiana and even had his voting status in the state declared inactive.

It was also reported that Bayh was largely absent during his first 12-year stint in the Senate, during which he skipped a large majority of committee hearings.

Bayh closed his campaign by defending his improper use of tax dollars for Indianapolis hotel stays and was ultimately forced to return the money that was spent.