Eva Longoria: There Are Mean People in Politics

Guilty as charged

Obama bundler and former soap actress Eva Longoria told Katie Couric Tuesday she would never run for office because "they are mean people in politics."

"I thought I was tough-skinned," Longoria said. "When they take a really bad picture of me on the beach and call me fat, I'm like, ‘I can take it.' But in politics, there's no holds barred, really vicious group of people there. But at the same time, it's so much easier to criticize government than to actually be in it. I'd rather be on the outside and try to make the changes as a citizen instead."

Replied Couric: "I admire all that you're doing in that department, Eva."

It might be a stretch to consider Longoria someone "on the outside" these days, though.

Longoria spoke at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, co-chaired the 2013 Inauguration Committeebundled more than $270,000 for Obama's campaign, and her work with the Futuro Fund raised the president $30 million for Hispanic outreach.

Longoria also drew ire during the campaign with her social media exploits, including when she retweeted someone who referred to Republican candidate Mitt Romney as a "racist, misogynistic twat."