Ex-Husband of Democratic Donor Marries French Journalist


NBA all-star Tony Parker earned yet another ring Saturday when he wed his long-time girlfriend, French journalist Axelle Francine, in San Antonio, Texas.

Via Page Six:

The lovebirds began their long weekend with a pre-wedding reception at Cowboy Dancehall on Thursday, reports People. Parker and Francine were joined by numerous friends and family members, some of whom flew in from France.

"It was just a little gathering," said a Cowboy Dancehall staffer. Parker, 32, reportedly sipped cocktails and danced during the fun evening. "He wanted to show them a Texas country good time."

Eva Longoria, Parker’s first wife, has seen her stature dwindle since their breakup. Her only grasp at relevancy has been hitting rich people up for money as the chief celeb rainmaker for Hispanic Democrats.

While Parker has won a NBA title and made the All-Star Team every season since their divorce, Longoria’s professional career has sputtered. She followed up producing '09's critical darling Precious with such bombs as 2013's A Dark Truth.

Longoria was also an investor in the failed restaurant project, Beso, which famously flamed out in a messy bankruptcy proceeding that dragged Longoria to court for screwing fellow investors out of their money.

Looks like Tony Parker knew something that we didn't.