DNC Chair Won’t Answer When Asked if Pelosi Is ‘Drag’ on Democrats in Swing Districts


Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez wouldn't say Tuesday whether House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) was a "drag" on Democrats in swing districts.

CNN played a pair of ads from the special election in Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district, one depicting Democrat Conor Lamb as one of Pelosi's "sheep" if he was elected, and another where Lamb explained he doesn't support Pelosi.

Dana Bash asked Perez if he would encourage Democrats in swing or red districts to step away from Pelosi, if Lamb's formula turned out to be successful in an area that went heavily for Trump in 2016.

"Listen, Democrats are going to do what they believe is best to win their races," Perez said, going on to say Lamb was doing well because he focused on issues important to the district.

"So you don't think that Nancy Pelosi is a drag on Democrats in tough races?" Bash asked.

Perez again didn't address the question, saying Lamb was poised to win his race because of the issues and Republican Rick Saccone being an "anti-worker candidate."

The race between Lamb and Saccone was still too close to call late Tuesday night.

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