Media Flips Out Over Democrats’ Gun Control Sit-In

Democrats in the House of Representatives made history on Wednesday with an "unprecedented" sit-in on the floor of Congress. Led by Congressman John Lewis (D., Ga.), Democrats occupied the floor of the house for 25 hours.

Democrats held this sit-in as a form of protest to the Speaker Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) for not allowing a vote on several gun control bills. The two bills would have prevented people on the terror watch list from purchasing a firearm and expand background checks. Two identical bills failed in the Senate earlier this week.

This did not stop Democrats from their sit-in and disrupting the regular order of the house. Around 10 p.m., Speaker Ryan and House Republicans entered the chamber to vote on an unrelated procedural motion. Speaker Ryan was met with chants of "shame" from Democrats as he presided over the chamber.

The media couldn't believe they witnessed such an historic event despite a similar incident that occurred in 2008 when Republicans were in the minority.