Democrats Don’t Mention ISIS Once on First Night of Convention

July 26, 2016

Democrats did not mention the Islamic State terror group once during the first night of the Democratic National Convention.

The Republican National Committee first noted that 61 speeches were delivered Monday night and none mentioned ISIS or global terrorism. PolitiFact verified the RNC claim as "true."

Fox News’ Chris Wallace had some criticism for Democrats for not mentioning ISIS after co-host Martha MacCallum asked about the anxiety many Americans have about terrorism.

"Well, if it is [true], it’s a huge mistake on the part of the Democrats," Wallace said. "They have to thread the needle I think to some degree."

"On the one hand, they can’t say things are terrible because if so, why keep the Democrats in office?" Wallace added. "There have been eight years of President Obama, why give it to another Democrat if things are so terrible?"

"So, they do have to paint a somewhat rosy picture, but they can’t be ignorant of the fact or ignore the fact that there are legitimate concerns about the economy, people with a lot of economic insecurity, about terrorism both at home and abroad, people with a lot of national security insecurity and to ignore that and to just sort of paint it as, well, everything is rosy would be a huge mistake on the part of the Democrats," Wallace concluded.