Democratic Senators Pryor and Begich Flee Obamacare Question

October 14, 2014

Democratic Senators Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Mark Begich of Alaska were confronted by conservative author Jason Mattera over their votes in favor of Obamacare. "Should you be held accountable?" Mattera said to Pryor. "I mean, you said one thing and the exact opposite happened."

When confronted on his support for Obamacare, Senator Begich directed Mattera to his "copper plan" but wouldn't answer whether he should be held accountable for his vote, according to Mattera's Daily Surge.

As he scurried away from CRAPITALISM author Jason Mattera, Senator Mark Begich (D., Alaska) said he’s still "working on" a plan to bring down the skyrocketing health insurance rates in his state. And while Senator Begich boasts about his Obamacare remedy, something he calls the "copper plan," his constituents are seeing their health insurance rates rise to staggering levels.

That's more than Pryor offered in response to Mattera's questions.

Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor was silent on the subject of Obamacare when Daily Surge cameras caught up with him.

"Why do you think voters should trust you again, seeing that you canceled their health care plans and raised their premiums with your Obamacare vote?" asked Mattera of Senator Pryor.

Senator Mark "You Can Keep Your Health Care Plan" Pryor didn’t have anything to say.