Dem Representative: Obama Needs To ‘Work On His Messaging’

Democratic Rep. Adam Smith is calling out President Obama for his rhetoric regarding the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS).

Smith, who serves as ranking member on the House Armed Services Committee, said the president needs to "work on his messaging" when speaking to the American people about ISIL.

"Too often the president does sound more like he's in the former camp of ‘We don't want to do this because we know it's hard and we know you don't like it,’" Smith said. "It would be better if [Obama] would make it clear that we're not doing this because it's not going to work."

Smith "tasked" Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel with helping the president work out his rhetoric before presenting it to the American people.

"It’s important how it’s presented to the American people and how we build support for this program" to combat ISIL, Smith said.

Hagel signed off on President Obama’s strategy to fight ISIL this week following the House’s approval of the $500 million bill to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels.