Dem Congressman Compares Marco Rubio to Ricky Ricardo In Comedy Routine

WFB analysis: Routine generally lacks humor

June 9, 2015

A House Democrat vilified the 2016 field for the Republican nomination by casting them in a made-up Netflix series.

Rep. Mark Pocan (D., Wis.) insensitively joked about the 2016 GOP field by linking the candidates to Hollywood actors or characters based on their race, gender, and weight.

"I heard that Netflix is going to create a House of Cards special series just on the 2016 primary. It’s going to be called House of Cards: Jokers Gone Wild," Pocan told the Wisconsin Democratic Convention over the weekend.

Pocan casted Ricky Ricardo for Marco Rubio, obviously poking fun at Rubio’s age and ethnicity.

He referred to Carly Fiorina as Cruella De Vil.

If a Republican member referred to Hillary Clinton as one of the most villainous, unbalanced characters from a notoriously sexist and racist company, Democrats would be up in arms. In fact, Clinton "Super Volunteers" preemptively released a long list of "sexist code words" for the media to avoid using to describe Clinton.

Pocan mixed up Sen. Rand Paul’s name, mentioning Will Ferrell for a second time.

"Will Ferrell in a second role as Senator Paul Rand," Pocan said.

Not to be outdone by his earlier jokes, Pocan said Jabba the Hut from Star Wars would play Chris Christie’s role.

Whether making fun of the South for being slow or a woman for being "crazy," Pocan’s comments highlight a double standard for Democrats who are often quick to be outraged.

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