Deborah Ross Gives Away Donation From Man After Racist Remarks Surface

Deborah Ross
Deborah Ross / AP
November 3, 2016

North Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Deborah Ross' campaign will give away a donation from a major party donor who was caught on tape calling black Republicans "seriously fucked in the head," the News & Observer reported Wednesday night.

It is unclear if Ross had heard the comments from New York professor Benjamin Barber. A campaign spokeswoman said the $200 donation will go to "the North Carolina disaster relief fund to help those affected by Hurricane Matthew."

Barber's racially-charged comments compared black Republicans to Jews who helped the Nazis in death camps during the Holocaust, the Observer noted.

The video shows Benjamin Barber at a New York fundraiser criticizing African-American Republicans. He compares them to Jewish people who assisted Nazis and concludes that "blacks who are helping the other side are seriously [expletive] in the head. They're only helping the enemy who will destroy them."

Project Veritas caught Baker comparing black Republicans to Jews helping Nazis in the Holocaust, using Sonderkommandos as the analogy, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Project Veritas, a conservative group that conducts undercover investigative reports to expose misconduct, secretly recorded a conversation between one of its undercover reporters and Benjamin and Leah Barber at a September fundraiser for North Carolina's Democratic Senate candidate Deborah Ross. The Barbers are also major donors to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.


Benjamin Barber then used an analogy of the Sonderkommandos, work units in Nazi death camps, usually composed of Jewish males, forced to dispose of bodies from the gas chambers. They did not assist with the killings themselves.

The exchange is below:

"Do you know the Sonderkommandos?" Barber asked.

"Yes," said the Project Veritas journalist.

"Jewish guards who, in effect, helped murder Jews in the camps so they could live a little longer," he said. "So, there were even Jews who were helping the Nazis murder Jews."

"Same thing?" the journalist asked.

"So blacks who are sort of helping the other side are seriously fucked in the head," Barber said. "They’re only helping the enemy who want to destroy them. Maybe thinking that if I help them maybe it’ll be different, maybe I’d get off okay or somehow I’d save my race by working for the murders."