Dean: ‘Who Knows if Trump Is Going to Be Around in 2020?’

Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean hinted that President Donald Trump would not make it through his first term Friday on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

Discussing Sen. Jeff Flake's (R., Ariz.) remarks that Trump could be "inviting" a 2020 Republican primary challenger with his conduct in office, Dean suggested Trump could no longer be president by then anyway.

"Who knows if Trump is going to be around in 2020? Of his own volition, I think it's unlikely he'll be impeached, even if the Democrats take over [the House], although [Robert] Mueller could unearth some stuff that could lead to that," Dean said. "I think this is unpredictable."

Dean said if Flake, who has been the subject of Trump's online ire in recent weeks, loses his primary, it could be an opportunity for Democrats to pick up a Senate seat in Arizona. He added he was bullish on an upset Democratic win in deep-red Alabama if Roy Moore, who Dean called "unhinged," wound up the Republican nominee.