Cuomo: GOP Tax Reform Bill Would ‘Rape and Pillage’ New York

Andrew Cuomo/ Getty Images

Andrew Cuomo / Getty Images


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D.) suggested that the Republican tax reform plan would "rape and pillage" New York as he called for New York's Republican congressmen to vote against the legislation.

"Let Rep. Lee [Zeldin] say ‘I’ll resign. Let [Rep. Peter] King say ‘I’ll resign.’ Let [Rep. John] Faso say ‘I’ll resign. I didn’t come down to Congress to rape and pillage the people of my district," Cuomo said of the New York Republicans while speaking to editorial board members in New York last week.

The New York governor mainly took issue with the proposed repeal of state and local tax deductions, which would prevent New York residents who itemize from writing off property and state income taxes on their federal returns, USA Today affiliate Lohud reported.

Faso said Cuomo's "rape and pillage" comments went too far.

"Gov. Cuomo’s comments are outrageous, particularly in regard to national news about sexual harassment over the past few weeks," Faso said in a statement. "He needs to be more careful in his choice of words."

Zeldin wrote that Cuomo should focus on tax relief.

"I'm really quite disappointed that he is left with ZERO focus or any new ideas at all on how Albany can deliver desperately needed tax relief," Zeldin wrote.

King said he was surprised and disappointed by Cuomo's remarks.

"I called him over the weekend and he got back to me, and I'll just leave it that we, I believe, have resolved our differences," King said. "I don't resign. I stand and fight."

Cuomo has frequently feuded with Republican lawmakers in his state. In October, he called New York Republican congressmen "Benedict Arnolds" in response to their support for the 2018 fiscal year budget in the House. The reference to the American Revolutionary War general infamous for switching sides to the British reflected Cuomo's view that New York Republican's support for the budget was a betrayal to New York's best interests.

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