Cummings Refutes Ellison: All Democrats to Blame for 2016 Losses


Rep. Elijah Cummings (D., Md.) disagreed with Democratic National Committee deputy chair Rep. Keith Ellison's (D., Minn.) attempt to blame 2016 electoral losses on former President Barack Obama, saying that all Democrats failed to build the party after Obama's win in 2008.

"All of us Democrats had something to do with the losses that we suffered. We should have been party building a long time ago," Cummings told MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell on Friday.

Cummings proposed that Democrats were elated after Obama's 2008 win and as a result, they lagged in their political efforts.

"When President Obama got elected in 2008 … a lot of people got so happy and were so excited about this African-American president that we forgot to continue to push to make sure that the state houses were filled with our representatives," Cummings said.

The Washington Free Beacon reported on Wednesday that Ellison blamed Barack Obama for "failures of 2016."

Ellison argued during an event at the University of Minnesota that Obama's legacy was in jeopardy after Democrats lost "a lot of state house seats, governorships, [and] secretaries of states."

"I think that he can't say that he wasn't part of those losses. I mean, who else. Right?" Ellison asked.

Sam Dorman

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Sam Dorman is a Media Analyst at the Washington Free Beacon. Prior to joining the Free Beacon, Sam worked as a Staff Writer and Research Analyst with the Media Research Center. He can be reached at

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