Cole: Sequestration Is Going to Happen

'We'd like to work to redistribute [the cuts]'

February 11, 2013

Rep. Tom Cole (R., Okla.) said he believes sequestration will happen Monday morning on MSNBC. Given the blunt nature the sequester, Cole suggested Republicans should work with the president to redistribute the cuts from discretionary to non discretionary spending:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: First of all sequestration, this thing looks like it's not going to be avoided. I mean, the president's talking about more tax increases. You get a feeling -- I mean, he hasn't talked about any specific cuts. It's a very blunt, crude instrument, but it's all we have right now, isn't it?

TOM COLE: It absolutely is, and it is going to happen. We're more than happy to negotiate with the president about how you redistribute the cuts. You know, a lot less discretionary, more nondiscretionary, different categories. That makes sense. And we'll probably do that within the month in the continuing resolution ourselves if the president doesn't come to the table. But, the idea that there's going to be any more revenue here, that's not going to occur. These cuts are in law. They're going to happen. We'd like to work and redistribute them, but again, they're going to take place. And they need to take place. We're running trillion-dollar deficits. My goodness.

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