CNN Political Reporter Calls Hollywood ‘Hypocritical,’ ‘Self-Righteous, Smug Liberals’

• February 27, 2017 4:06 pm


Nia-Malika Henderson, a senior political reporter for CNN, roasted the Hollywood industry by calling them "self-righteous, smug liberals" in a panel discussion on Monday.

She said this while speaking about the 89th Academy Awards that took place on Sunday evening.

She began by calling the industry "hypocritical" because of the "racist," "ageist," and "sexist" imagery that they promote.

Henderson said that because of this imagery, Hollywood is in no place to "lecture anyone about diversity."

"I think it’s also pretty hypocritical," she said. "I mean, Hollywood. I mean, probably one of the biggest purveyors of racist, ageist, sexist imagery across the globe, across the decades, and so this idea that they should get out there and lecture anyone about inclusion, about diversity."

"I mean, it’s laughable," she said.

Henderson substantiated the "hypocritical" claim, pointing out that only one African-American actress has won the "best actress" award even though the awards ceremony has been around for almost a century.

"In the history of the Academy Awards, one African-American woman has won Best Actress," she said. "The Oscars has been around for 90 years."

"These sort of self-righteous, smug liberals, I mean I think it’s really hypocritical in terms of what their industry is," she said.

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