CNN Political Commentator Compares ICE to Slave Traders

August 3, 2018

CNN political commentator Angela Rye on Thursday compared those who separate families at America's southern border to slave traders.

Rye and former Trump campaign chief spokesman Jason Miller were discussing Ivanka Trump's comments regarding the issue of family separation of illegal immigrants with CNN host Chris Cuomo. Miller defended Ivanka's comments and said it was important that the U.S. enforces its immigration laws and criticized Rye for wanting an "open borders" policy.

"What I don't want to enforce is your president's nonsense," Rye responded.

Rye's reference to "your president" several times prompted Miller to ask Rye if she was Canadian since she refused to say Trump was her president as well.

"If you just take yourselves out of it for just a moment, take off the lenses of bigotry for just a moment," Rye said.

"Okay, so now we're getting into the name calling?" Miller interjected.

"Um, yes, we are," Rye said.

The two went back and forth, trading barb until Rye compared Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to slave traders.

"You have nothing to add except for asking me if I'm Canadian, and, no, I'm not," Rye said. "I wish I could tell you where from Africa my ancestors came from, at least part of them, but I wouldn't know because the same bigots who are sending people back away from their children are the ones who brought my ancestors here on a slave ship."

Rye added that Trump wasn't her president because she "will never claim a bigot, ever."

Rye, a Democrat who formerly served as a lawyer for the Congressional Black Caucus, frequently slams Trump as someone who has "trafficked in bigotry, xenophobia and racism." Back in June, Rye called the national anthem "problematic in and of itself."