CNN Confused About Rosenstein: 'I Wish I Could Help With Your Confusion, But I Too Am Confused'

September 24, 2018

A CNN anchor and political analyst had a humorous back-and-forth over their "confusion" over the news surrounding the fate of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, with one telling the other he was "confused with your confusion."

Reports broke Monday morning that Rosenstein had offered his resignation to the White House, while other outlets reported Rosenstein had not resigned but instead would have to be fired by President Donald Trump if the president wanted him out of his position. His fate remained unclear as of 12 noon on Monday.

As a CNN banner showed Rosenstein was headed to the White House on Monday following a summoning, CNN anchor Kate Bolduan recapped the oddities of the morning and said, "I'm confused why there's so much confusion."

"And I wish I could help with your confusion, but I too am confused with your confusion, as those who are watching right now are so confused," CNN analyst Mark Preston said. "But listen, for the last two years, we've all been confused by the Trump presidency, not necessarily by his policies but by his actions and how he has acted."

The New York Times reported last week that Rosenstein, who oversees special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, had raised the idea of the 25th Amendment because of concerns for Trump's fitness for office and suggested wearing a wire to record conversations with Trump. The Weekly Standard reported Rosenstein said the story was incorrect and he was being sarcastic when talking about recording Trump.

The CNN comments went viral on social media, with some quipping it was a good recap of 2018.