CNN: Anytime You Have the FBI Looking at You, ‘It Ain’t Good’

Any time your email server is the subject of a federal investigation, "it ain't good," CNN's Chris Cuomo quipped Wednesday about the latest chapter in Hillary Clinton's private email sage.

The Washington Post reported late Tuesday that the FBI is looking into the security of Clinton's private server, and federal investigators also contacted Clinton's lawyer, David Kendall, with questions about a thumb drive he has that contains copies of emails Clinton sent while secretary of state.

"That private email system that Hillary Clinton set up at her home …. back in 2009 after becoming secretary of state is once again at the center of her presidential campaign," CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny said. "As we're learning this morning, the FBI has started investigating the security of the communications system she set up that was outside the channels of government. Her lawyer, David Kendall, confirmed to CNN they are actively cooperating in this ongoing investigation to determine whether hundreds of emails, some containing material that was later classified, were handled properly."

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Intelligence officials have raised questions, Zeleny said, about sensitive information that could have been compromised. Clinton's private email account while secretary of state came to light in March, and she has faced questioning ever since about why she chose not to use a government account to conduct State Department business, whether she knew she was sending and receiving classified messages over a potentially unsecured account, and why she deleted more than 30,000 emails from the server.

"It's given her critics an opening to question her honesty and trustworthiness," Zeleny said. "These questions will just continue."