Clinton, Trump Score ‘Strongly Unfavorable’ Ratings in Swing States

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton / AP
June 22, 2016

Presumptive presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both viewed as strongly unfavorable by a plurality of voters in three swing states where key congressional races are also taking place.

Voters in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania do not hold favorably opinions of Clinton or Trump, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday that shows Clinton leading Trump in Florida and barely edging him out in Pennsylvania. The two candidates are tied in Ohio.

In Florida, 53 percent of voters hold an unfavorable opinion of Clinton, including 45 percent who say their view of the former secretary of state is strongly unfavorable. Meanwhile, 61 percent of voters in the state view Trump unfavorably, 52 percent of them strongly.

In Ohio, 59 percent of voters hold an unfavorable impression of Clinton, including 49 percent who see her as strongly unfavorable. Trump is viewed negatively by 59 percent of Ohio voters, and half of voters describe their impression of the business mogul as strongly unfavorable.

Finally, in Pennsylvania, 56 percent of voters view Clinton in unfavorable light, and 48 percent say that their impression of her is strongly unfavorable. Sixty percent of Pennsylvania voters say their opinion of Trump is unfavorable, 50 percent of whom describe their impression as strongly unfavorable.

A plurality of voters in all three states also say that they are less enthusiastic about voting in the 2016 presidential election when comparing their feelings to past presidential elections.

Voters nationally have largely negative views of both Clinton and Trump, despite the fact that they have become the presumptive nominees of their respective parties. A Washington Post-ABC News poll released last week showed that both candidates’ unfavorable ratings are higher than those for any major party presidential nominee in three decades.