Clinton Flack: Voters Don’t Care About Clinton Email Scandal

52 percent of voters support criminal investigation into emails

• August 19, 2015 1:14 pm


Hillary Clinton’s silver-tongued spin wizard Jennifer Palmieri faced tough questions on Wednesday about her candidate’s use of an unsecure email server for official business while working as secretary of state.

"I gotta ask you, a lot of Democrats are privately saying that press conference did not go well," MSNBC host Luke Russert said, referring to this press conference. "Are you guys prepared to deal with this email issue the next six to 15 months? It doesn’t seem to be going away."

"Well, I think it's worth repeating what Hillary said when she was walking away from the press conference, which is the press have a lot of questions about emails, but voters don't," Palmieri responded.

Palmieri said that Clinton has "actually never gotten one question" about her email use from the voters at her heavily stage-managed campaign events. She said that the campaign's spin offensive on the email issue was intended to teach the press that Clinton's private email use was fully above-board.

"We think that in August there's a lot of press interest in this and we want to do a lot of educating," Palmieri said.

Fifty-two percent of respondents in a recent Monmouth University poll were curious enough about Hillary’s emails to support a criminal investigation into the highly classified state secrets they contained.

Palmieri said the press was running out of legitimate questions for Clinton to answer about the secret server.

"I think when you get to the point where you're answering questions about wiping servers, that you're nearing the end of legitimate questions for her to answer," Palmieri said.

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