Clinton Doubles Down on ‘Basket of Deplorables’

Getty Images

Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is standing behind her controversial "basket of deplorables" comment in her new book, What Happened.

"I regret handing Trump a political gift with my ‘deplorables' comment," Clinton wrote, Politico reported based on an early review copy of the book acquired by that publication.

In a contemporary statement following that comment, Clinton said that "last night I was grossly generalistic, and that's never a good idea. I regret saying half — that was wrong."

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In What Happened, However, Clinton suggests that it wasn't her own words that were the issue there.

"I know that a lot of well-intentioned people were insulted because they misunderstood me to be criticizing all Trump voters. I’m sorry about that," Clinton wrote. "But too many of Trump’s core supporters do hold views that I find—there’s no other word for it—deplorable."

The book, set to release Tuesday, concludes that former FBI Director James Comey and Russian President Vladimir Putin are responsible for Clinton's historic election loss.