Clinton Campaign Struggles to Sell Seats for SoulCycle Fundraiser

Seat prices dropped from $2,700 to $50

Hillary Clinton
January 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign struggled to sell seats for a SoulCycle fundraiser hosted by her daughter Chelsea Wednesday afternoon.

CNN reported that some tickets for the class, originally priced at as much as $2,700 each, were reduced to $50 at the last minute when 60 seats still remained open. Late buyers were, therefore, able to snag tickets to the exercise fundraiser at a 98 percent price reduction.

SoulCycle classes generally cost $34 per person, meaning that, though cheap, last-minute tickets to the Clinton campaign event still exceeded the cost of a typical workout.

The 45-minute SoulCycle fundraiser took place at a studio in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City Wednesday. Chelsea Clinton, who is a fan of SoulCycle, was dressed in normal clothes and elected not to ride with the group without explanation.

A limited number of tickets to the fundraiser were initially available for $500 and $1,000, but only those who paid $2,700 had the opportunity to ride a "premium reserve bike" and pose for a photo with Chelsea, according to event details released earlier this month. Supporters who raised $5,000 for the event were also given the opportunity to attend a Clinton fundraiser at a later date.

The class was taught by Laurie Cole, a celebrity SoulCycle instructor who is friends with Chelsea Clinton. The instructor disclosed Wednesday that she had at one point led Hillary Clinton through a class.

First lady Michelle Obama is also a fan of SoulCycle. She attended a class in Washington, D.C., Sunday in the wake of the historic blizzard.

Chelsea Clinton headlined a second fundraiser for her mother’s campaign in New York Wednesday, which was hosted by a Wall Street banker and Clinton Foundation donor. Guests at the event were also charged $2,700 for a picture with Clinton’s daughter.