Cirque du Carney

WFB Video: The White House Press Corps' Lamest Hits

July 31, 2013

Writing in the current New Republic, Reid Cherlin called for an end to the White House press briefings, calling them "exercises in silliness" due to Obama spokesman Jay Carney's dodging, deflecting and spinning, as well as the ridiculous queries he's often asked.

He has a point. "An unholy charade" as Cherlin puts it, they involve more than their fair share of shallow, vapid, and odd questions from the White House press corps.

The Washington Free Beacon has collected some of the recent evidence for the prosecution. Questions include:

Jay Z released a rap today ... Obama said, 'Yo, you gonna get me impeached / You don't need this (expletive) anyway / Chill with me on the beach ... So are you saying that the president did not have a conversation with Jay Z?

Have you read Mark Leibovich's book, and do you think it accurately reflects this town and this White House?

How did the Obamas decide what to give the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for the birth of their first child?

Did the president watch the game last night? What did he think of the result?

Is there a political agenda for the golf game today?

Does President Obama believe golf is conducive to this kind of discussion?

About the Congressional picnic that has been postponed...

On the Easter Egg Roll, you said earlier this month that the plan is for that event to go forward as planned...

When can we expect the president to make his March Madness picks?

Separate topic, when can we expect to see the president's March Madness bracket?

Lastly on the brackets, you won't tell us if we should expect it before the president leaves tonight?

The president is human. When he first found out about the AP story, did he curse, did he scream?

What is the consequence of his outrage?

Has he met his own bar?

The last time we had an Olympic boycott, the Soviets invaded Russia.

The president thinks it would be a bad idea to boycott the Olympics?

So boycott's a bad idea, right?

Has the president been briefed about the asteroid?

This is a serious question.