Chuck Todd: Clinton Campaign Nearing 'Crisis Mode' as Email Scandal Takes Toll

September 6, 2015

"Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd said Sunday that Hillary Clinton's campaign is nearing "crisis mode" as the email scandal takes a bite out of her poll numbers.

"The collective toll this is taking on her politically—I think they're close to being in crisis mode in Brooklyn," Todd said, referring to Clinton's campaign headquarters in New York City.

A poll released Sunday by NBC News and Marist found that socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) leads Clinton by nine points with Democratic voters in New Hampshire. The poll found that Clinton is still the favorite of Democrats in Iowa, although her lead has shrunk by 11 points since July.

The poll also found that Vice President Joe Biden, who has not officially entered the race, fares better against possible Republican candidates than Clinton.

Clinton loses to both Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and establishment favorite Jeb Bush in head-to-head matchups in Iowa; she narrowly beats Trump and loses to Bush in head-to-head matchups in New Hampshire.

Biden defeats Trump in both matchups and loses to Bush by a narrower margin than Clinton.

"It's crystal clear, the most electable Democrat in both of those swing states is Joe Biden. The person who performs best against Jeb Bush and Donald Trump is Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders is surging in New Hampshire and in Iowa," Todd said.

The Clinton email scandal is "not going away," NBC News4 reporter David Culver noted, as the FBI continues its investigation into whether Clinton's email practices jeopardized national security.