Chris Matthews Tells MRC to 'Go to Hell' When Asked if Obama Still Gives Him a Thrill Up His Leg

December 16, 2015

MSNBC host Chris Matthews delivered one of the most infamously fanboy pieces of commentary in television history with his awed proclamation that a 2008 speech by then-candidate Barack Obama made him feel a "thrill going up my leg."

Keith Olbermann even had to tell Matthews to calm down a bit.

Matthews does not like being reminded of this, and the conservative watchdog Media Research Center's Dan Joseph got in on the trolling Tuesday night at the GOP debate in Las Vegas. He walked up to Matthews, introduced himself and then told a visibly uncomfortable Matthews where he worked. The exchange got more awkward from there.

"We just wanted to know really quickly, how is your leg?" Joseph asked.

"What leg?" Matthews asked.

"The leg. Is the thrill still there in the leg or is it not?" Joseph asked.

"You can go to hell, OK? Just go to hell. Just leave me alone," Matthews said, pushing Joseph away. "Just leave me alone. Just leave me alone."

"Is the leg OK? Are you limping or is it--?" Joseph asked.

Matthews told him he had a "psychological problem" and waved him away.

"We're rooting for you over at MRC, man," Joseph said. "Good meeting you."

Joseph laughed as he walked toward the MRC camera that filmed the exchange.

When confronted about the remark in 2012 during a CSPAN panel, Matthews grew angry with the moderator for bringing it up. Matthews has also remarked in the past that Obama has "never done anything wrong in his life."