Caught on Hot Mic: Sec. Kelly Tells Trump He Should Use Saber on the Press

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly was caught on a hot mic Wednesday telling President Trump that he should use a ceremonial saber on the press during the United States Coast Guard graduation ceremony.

The Coast Guard Class of 2017 presented the sword to Trump, who delivered the commencement address, as a "token of our appreciation." After Trump sat down, Kelly leaned over and told the president he should "use that on the press," referencing the saber.

Trump chuckled and let out a joking, "Yeah."

CNN reporter Jim Acosta noticed Kelly's hot mic moment.

Kelly's comment angered some on social media.

Trump has been embroiled in several controversies over the past several days and has blamed the media for treating him unfairly. Trump made reference to his clashes with the press in his speech.

"You have to put your head down and fight, fight, fight," he said. "Never, ever, ever give up. Things will work out just fine."