Buttigieg Doesn't Respect A Single Living Republican

June 4, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg on Monday couldn't name any living Republican public figures he respects during a MSNBC town hall.

Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, participated in a MSNBC town hall, where he was asked by host Chris Matthews to name some living Republican public figures he respects.

"Name some of your public figures--Republicans--who you respect. Living Republicans," said Matthews, prompting the audience to laugh. Buttigieg smirked and acted like he was stumped.

"I'll give you a few seconds," Matthews said.

"I had such a great answer if it wasn't living," Buttigieg said.

After Matthews guessed former Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, Buttigieg said he had a "better " Republican in mind.

"Wendell Wilkie," Buttigieg said. "He's from Indiana. He put country before party."

Wilkie was the unsuccessful Republican nominee for president in 1940 against then-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. After his electoral defeat, Wilkie would serve as Roosevelt's personal representative to Britain in order to help provide aid in the country's struggle in World War II. He would die four years later in 1944.