Booker: ‘We Need to Stop the Bulls**t Partisanship in This Country’

July 11, 2018

Sen. Cory Booker (D., N.J.) on Wednesday said Americans’ economic prospects are in peril while the country continues to suffer from partisan polarization.

Partisanship, according to Booker, is stopping Americans from having an economy that grows as quickly as previous generations’ did. He did not mince words.

"Our grandparents showed us how to build a great economy. They were out training this generation of Americans, they were out investing in infrastructure this generation of Americans, they were out R&D-ing this generation of Americans," Booker said. "We need to stop the bulls—t partisanship in this country."

He said Americans should realize they have more on which to agree than disagree, and he blamed political opportunists.

"We have more common ground then we care to admit, and we’re letting political opportunists on both sides of the aisle try to undermine the truth of this nation, that the ties that bind us are so much strong then the lines that divide us," Booker said.

Booker has recently stepped up his own attacks on Republican officials, which have arguably gone beyond policy differences. He dismissed workers’ bonuses after GOP tax reform as "crumbs," opposed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s nomination because he judged him lacking in "love," and exploded on Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen over comments made by President Donald Trump—and even compared her to Nazis.

Last week, Booker opposed Trump’s Supreme Court nomination without knowing who it would be. It turned out to be federal judge Brett Kavanaugh, although Booker said no pick from Trump would be acceptable because he is under "criminal investigation."

Still, Booker said his goal is to advance the prosperity of the American people.

"We need Americans right now more than ever before, and we need to see folks who are being rendered invisible." he said. "The most valuable natural resource in this country is not oil gas or coal, it is the genius of the next generation of children that are coming."

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